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Allow yourself to be enchanted!

Dance of the Vampires, Frozen, Rocky, We Will Rock You, Cats, Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, Lion King and many more

Since over 20 years ‘Stars of Musicals’ elates the audience with its brand-new and diversified show. Withover 2 Million visitors it is the most succesful musical gala of all time in europe. it already performed in famous venues like the Vienna Konzerthaus or the Berlin Philharmonic. Because of the strong demand in the past years, we will back in denmark with a prolonged tour and we will come to Sweden for the first time.

Beautiful costumes and depp emotions are a guarantee for an unforgettable evening. The original sound of the most popular musical songs performe by international stars of the original casts will delight the crowd. The 'Broadway Musical & Dance Company' accompanies the music with stunning choreographies.

In the upcoming tour parts of "Dance of the Vampires", "Frozen", or "Rocky" and many more will be shown. At 'Stars of Musicals' the crowd is going to witness more than a dozen musicals within one show!

Dr. Frank N. Furter from the "Rocky Horror Show", Simba from "Lion King", Phantom of the Opera" and many more beloved characters from world famous musicals can be witnessed.

Fans of classical musicals will also be thoroughly satisfied. Excerpts from “Mamma Mia” or “Cats” complete the perfect mix and make it a thrilling experience!

The combination of classical musicals and new productions ensures an unforgettable diversity.

‘Stars of Musicals’ promises a memorable night for everyone.

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